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0-18 Years: Guidance for Doctors (GMC Apr18)

A Guide to influencing and engaging with changes to your local health system (BMA Oct19)

Access to Health Records (BMA Jul19)

Access to Medical Reports (BMA Sep19)

Adult Safeguarding - A Toolkit (BMA 2018)

Agency Workers Regulations and Locum GPs (BMA Jun12)

Anticipatory Prescribing for end-of-life care (BMA Jan20)

Best Practice for Ensuring the Efficient Supply and Distribution of Medicines to Patients (Joint Jan13)

CCG Constitution (BMA Mar20)

CCG Mergers (BMA19)

Changes to requesting urgent or emgergency ambulance transport for your patient (YAS Sep19)

Children and Young People Toolkit (BMA Dec10)

Community Pharmacy - A guide for GPs and Practice Staff (PSNC, BMA May19)

Completing Further Medical Evidence Forms (Centre for Health & Disability Assessments Rcvd Jan18)

Confidentiality and disclosure of health information tool kit (BMA added Jan19)

Confidentiality - Disclosing information for education and training purposes (GMC Added Jul18)

Confidentiality - Disclosing information for employment, insurance and similar purposes (GMC Added Jul18)

Confidentiality - Disclosing information about serious communicable diseases (GMC Added Jul18)

Confidentiality - Good practice in handling patient information (GMC 25May18)

Confidentiality - Patients' fitness to drive and reporting concerns to the DVLA or DVA (GMC Added Aug18)

Confidentiality - reporting of gunshot and knife wounds (GMC - Added Jun18)

Confidentiality - Responding to criticism in the media (GMC Added Aug18)

Consent: Patients & doctors making decisions together (GMC - Added Jun18)

Continuing Professional Development (GMC - Added Jun18)

Dealing with complaints made against you as a GP Practice (BMA Nov19)

Dealing with Unfair Comments on Websites (BMA 2016)

Decisions Relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (BMA 3rd edition (1st revision) 2016

Direct Access to Diagnostic Tests for Cancer (NHS Apr12)

Disposing of Clinical Waste (BMA Jan20)

Duty of Candour (GMC Updated Jun19)

Electronic Signatures (GPDF Nov18)

Employing physician associates in GP practices (BMA Nov19)

Employment Status (BMA Law Apr17)

End of Life: good practice in decision making (GMC Added Jun18)

Ethics of Social Media (BMA Dec19)

Excessive Prescribing (Updated Feb18)

Facilitating Corporate Tax Evasion (ICAS 2017)

Falsified Medicines Directive (BMA Jan20)

Focus on PMS Reviews and Transition to GMS (BMA Apr16)

Focus on Service Charges (BMA Nov15)

Focus on the new IT requirements of the GP contract in England (BMA, Mar 15)

Following the Accessible Information Standard (BMA Jan20)

Framework for a Written Contract of Employment - GP Speciality Registrars (GPC Apr02 Revised Dec07 & Mar14)

Freedom of Information Act FAQs (NHS/BMA Jan15)

Funding and Support in General Practice (BMA 2017)

Future of GP Practice Premises (GPC Revised Mar10 first edition published 2001)

Gender Incongruence in Primary Care (BMA - Added Apr18)

Getting the most out of a fit note - GP Guidance (DWPSep15 changed in Dec16)

Global Sum Allocation Formula (BMA Jul15)

Good Medical Practice - Guidance for Doctors (GMC Added Jun18)

Good Practice in Prescribing and Managing Medicines and Devices (GMC Dec14)

Goodwill and Dispensing (GPC Jun10)

Government’s ‘new deal for General Practice’ (BMA Jun15)

GPs as Data Controllers (BMA Nov15)

GPs as Data Controllers under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (BMA Mar18)

GP Contract Funding Changes (BMA May17)

GP Extended Hours Access Scheme Directed Enhanced Service - 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012

GP Practice – a guide for community pharmacists & pharmacy staff (BMA 13)

GP trainee annual leave, sick leave and study leave (BMA Oct19)

Guidance on handing back a GMS/PMS contract (BMA 2017)

Guidance to Practices on how to employ shared staff (GPC Oct13)

Health & Justice Info Share Notes (NHS 2Apr19)

Hepititis B Immunisations (BMA Sep18)

How CQC monitors, inspects and regulates NHS GP practices (CQC Apr19)

Income Tax Annual Allowance (Sept17)

Information for Practices administering Flu Vaccines 2020-21 (NHSBSA Dec20)

Interface between Primary and Secondary Care (BMA Jul17)

Interface Guidance Ethics (BMA May09)

Key Point General Comparison: PMS Agreement and GMS Contract (BMA)

Key Principles for General Practice (CCG/LMC/PCS Jun17)

Last Partner Standing (BMA 2017)’

Leadership and management for all doctors (GMC Added Jun18)

Limited Liability Partnership – Benefits and Negatives (BMA16)

List closures (BMA Jan 15)

Locum Pension Contributions: Guide to GP Practices (BMA Jan20)

Managing Children and Young People’s Identified Health Needs (SCC2012)

Mental Capacity Act Toolkit (BMA Feb16)

Mis-selling Loans & Interest Rate Swaps (GPDF Feb19)

National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) (NHSE Sep19)

Needle Stick Injuries and Blood Borne Viruses (BMA May16)

New National GP Induction and Refresher Scheme (BMA Mar15)

Onward Referral - A Working Group Report (Academy of Medical Royal Colleges May18)

Over the Counter Medicines Guidance (BMA Mar19)

Overseas Visitors (BMA Added Aug18)

Parental Responsibility (BMA Oct08)

Paternity Testing (BMA ethics Aug09)

Patients seeking advice or information about assistance to die (GMC 2018)

Patient Group Directions and Patient Specific Directions in General Practice (BMA Jan16)

Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice (GMC legal annex updated Apr20)

PMS Agreement and GMS Contract Comparison (BMA Nov16)

Practical guide for taking on new partners (BMA Jan20)

Preparing for a CQC Inspection (BMA Feb15)

Prescribing in General Practice (BMA Apr18)

Prescription Direction (published 2013, reissued 2018 BMA, PSNC)

Private practice and GP contracts (BMA Nov19)

Protecting Children and Young People (GMC Jul12 updated 25May18)

Pushing back on workload from secondary care (BMA Jan20)

Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) (BMA Nov19)

Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety (GMC)

Receiving Gifts from Patients (BMA Jan20)

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Resource (BMA Jan20)

Repeat Dispensing Guidance (BMA Dec13)

Reporting criminal and regulatory proceedings (GMC 2017))

Requests for disclosure for secondary uses of data (BMA 2019)

Responding to patient requests for assisted dying (BMA Jun19)

Responsibility for Prescribing between Primary & Secondary Tertiary Care (NHS England 2018)

Retention of GP Pension Documentation (NHSE Jun19)

Salaried GPs Working Under New Models of Care (BMA 2017)

Sessional GPs and LMCs - working together more effectively (BMA May17)

Sharing Electronic Records for Direct Patient Care (BMA Oct15)

Social Determinants of Health - What Doctors Can Do (BMA Oct11)

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Guidance (Link to BMA website members area) Last Updated 7Dec18

Subject Access Requests for insurance purposes (BMA Aug15 Updated Jul18)

Supporting doctors who undertake a low volume of NHS General Practice Clinical Work (NHSE Mar19)

Tax Penalties Infographic (ICAS Nov17)

The benefits system: a short guide for GPs (DWP Mar20)

The importance of an up-to-date GP partnership agreement (BMA Jan20)

Transparency and doctors with competing interests (BMA Apr17)

Travel Immunisations (GPC Nov12)

URGENT CARE a practical guide to transforming same-day care in general practice (Primary Care Foundation May09)

Use of 084 numbers in the NHS (DH 23Feb12)

Vaccinations fees and arrangements (BMA Apr20)

Visual & Audio Recordings (BMA updated Feb19)

When a Patient Seeks Advice or Information about Assistance to Die (GMC Jun15)

Witness Summons and Court Orders (GPDF Nov18)

Working for an Online Provider (BMA 2018)

Workload Control in General Practice (BMA 2018)

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